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The management and staff of Siomedical Health Centre are committed to protecting human life and health and provide an alternative in the domestic health care for all whose primary need is personalised, professional and discreet service.

Siomedical Health Center

You are a partner for us. We provide clean, transparent relationships and services for good value for money.

For the patients contacting us we provide the knowledge to keep healthy, to prevent illnesses and to recover, the nice atmosphere of being understood and distinctly cared for and the environment being aesthetic and hygienic.

The examinations are conducted by appointment without having to wait for weeks or months so as to regain your health.


When you enter our clinic, please always check in at the reception.

Tell us who you came to, so our colleagues will send you to the doctor’s virtual office, where the doctor will see that you have arrived.

If you are visiting us for the first time, please prepare your personal ID (also in private clinics for prescribing and identifying medicines)!

We cannot accept personal data for reporting here either.

If you are unable to come for the medical treatment or examination, please let us know, as we will notify you if the order is missed. In this case, we have the option to call someone else, which can also shorten the booking deadline.

Our departments

The following health departments are available at our health center.


Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and comorbidities. Blood glucose testing, medication, insulin treatment setup, diet education, lifestyle counseling ...

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok

Treatment of psoriasis, eczema, atopy, pruritus, autoimmune or inherited skin diseases, skin and soft tissue infections, acne, hair loss.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok
Lab tests

Tests necessary or indispensable for diagnosing various health problems and setting up treatment recommendations.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok
Vascular surgery

Dermatology, allergology, complete facial rejuvenation, botox treatment, wrinkle filling, volume replacement, and dermatological surgery.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok
Otolaryngology, audiology

Treatment of ear complaints, ear pain, ear blockage, ear discharge, throat and laryngeal problems, and snoring.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system (esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile duct).

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok
Pediatrics, neonatology

Perhaps one of the most difficult questions for a parent if their child is ill is whether to go to the emergency room with him or her or wait for the next day’s GP order.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok

For screening, pelvic pain, lump in thebosom, abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharge.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok
Traumatology, hand surgery

Department specializes in the treatment of pain, swelling and reduced mobility after injuries to the wrists and fingers

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok

Ultrasound is a painless, radiation-free, non-harmful imaging and diagnostic method.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok
5D Ultrasound (baby cinema)

5D is a real “encounter” for parents to see their fetus in space, in motion.

Siómedical Egészségügyi Központ - Siófok

Bloody urine, kidney or low back pain, frequent urination or difficulty passing urine, treatment of testicular growth, prostate cancer screening.