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MRI examination

What is MRI?

MRI is the abbreviation of the expression: Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The magnetic resonance imaging examination (MRI) is a brand new method to examine the parts of the human body in a very sensitive way. The MRI examination is based on the changed attitude of fluid areas of the body in magnetic fields. At present the MRI examination represents one of the peaks of the whole medical science, its usefulness and significance in the provision for the sick is outstanding. This method has the high safety of CT, moreover, the MRI exceeds it in numerous areas; it provides most of the visual information about the human body at present.

One of the most important advantages of the procedure is that it does not use x-rays but the imaging takes place in a magnetic field with the help of radio waves in relation to the proton content of the body. With the help of the MRI examination such diseases can be detected that cannot be examined by x-rays. The examination is completely painless or harmless, no side effects are known. The MRI device operates without emitting harmful rays, so it is entirely safe, consequently the MRI examination can be repeated according to the needs of frequency and can be applied safely in case of examining young children.


An MRI examination usually takes 30 minutes. About 90% of MRI examinations take place without the administration of intravenous contrast medium. In order to clarify certain deviations as accurately as possible intravenous contrast medium might be applied, this way the accuracy of the picture created increases, and as a result of this, the individual organs and lesions can be separated better (the necessity of the application of contrast medium is decided by a radiologist expert in all cases). As one of the most modern open machines is in operation in our MRI centre, the claustrophobic feeling experienced elsewhere does not occur, thus the seamless testing of small children and claustrophobic patients has become possible. Patients lie in a pleasantly spacious big open-plan space; the MRI examination is completely painless and provides outstandingly reliable results.

Examining patients with pacemakers, implants and in certain cases with fixed braces using MRI

is not possible in all cases, so if you have any of them, please make sure to inquire and contact our experts before registration whether the MRI examination required can be carried out.

What can be tested with MRI examinations?

Basically, all organs can be examined using MRI tests, the brain, the entire spine, the abdominal and pelvic organs and the joints (e.g. the shoulders, waist, ankle, wrist, elbow, hand, etc.) can be represented by the MRI diagnosis, and the cancer, inflammatory or injury-based diseases of these organs can be detected. The MRI examination is currently the most accurate radiological procedure in detecting spinal deformations. With the help of the examination the image of both the structure of the vertebrae and the status of the intervertebral discs can be made, the most detailed analysis is possible to be carried out. The method plays a primary role in the early recognition of degenerative (abrasion) or cancerous diseases as well. The other important advantage of the MRI examination is that such early deviations which involve marrow edema (edema) can only be traced with this imaging technique. Such is as femoral head necrosis. In case of a pain in the hip neither an x-ray recording nor an ultrasound examination of the joints can show any deviations in a lot of cases. By the time the bone deviation of the femoral head necrosis produces an x-ray symptom, the process becomes irreversible and there is a need for hip prosthesis sooner or later. However, with the help of MRI examination the edema and its early accompanying symptoms can be diagnosed in time. If the illness is diagnosed in this state, then complete recovery can be achieved with the appropriate treatment.

The MRI examinations take place in the presence of expert assistance supervised by radiology physicians.

The examination can be required and made according to prescriptions or individual needs. As our centre is private, the examinations are carried out according to our list of charges.

MR Examinations available in our centre:

Cranial MRI

Face skull MRI

Inner ear MRI

Orbit MRI

Cervical soft tissue MRI

Renal MRI

Pelvic MRI

Spinal MRI

Joints MRI

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